Welcome to Ecole Shoreline Community Middle School!

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Excellent reminders as we finish the week. Hang in friends- May/ June flies! #sd61learn @Lisa_Baylis @arbutusphysio https://t.co/73YaR8L3ft NNaughton61 photo

RT @mr_shortreed: "Like the way fish don't see water and birds don't see air, people don't see culture - not their own anyway" #sd61learn R…

RT @TiffanyPoirier: We were all kids once too--that's me in gr.1! Always ask, "Would I want to be a student in my own class?" #sd61learn ht… NNaughton61 photo

RT @h_james18: @NNaughton61 I continue to be inspired by the leadership and collaborative spirit of the girls rugby team. #colline #sd61le

Welcome to Shoreline

At École Shoreline Community Middle School, we seek to make our school a safe, caring, and orderly environment for learning and working. We aim to develop an appropriate balance between individual and collective rights, freedoms, and responsibilities. These expectations apply to behaviour both on school premises and during school-organized activities that are off campus and behaviour beyond these times when it affects the safe, caring, and orderly environment of the school.

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