Rugby Academy

Shoreline Middle School is proud to announce we will be offering a Rugby Academy Program to students enrolled at the school. The Rugby Academy is designed to promote sport appropriate skills as well as focusing on teamwork and fair play.

The Academy will run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during Block 5 (1:53 – 2:50) and require both parent and Advisory Teachers permission for students to participate. Most activities are facilitated at the school, however we will be traveling to the Songhees Wellness Center on some occasions to use their gym. This program is open to ALL students regardless of their age, gender or ability level.

It should be understood that this program is completely voluntary and will be facilitated during curricular blocks. Students who participate may attend all or some of the planned sessions. Students who have not completed their class work, or made accommodations with their Advisory Teachers to complete the required work will not be able to participate in this program.

We are so fortunate to have Mr. Ron Toews, former Canadian Rugby International, at our school who will be helping out Mr. Seaberg with the program. The Rugby Academy Program will be facilitated throughout the school year and run into the rugby season which begins after Spring Break.

For more information, please email Mr. Micha Seaberg, Vice Principal