Big Canoe Program









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Shoreline Big Canoe Program is inspired by the place we are living and learning.  The Shoreline Big Canoe Program acknowledges and gives thanks to the Lkwungen community on whose lands and waters we are living and learning.

Our goal is to provide empowering experiential outdoor learning opportunities that fosters student belonging, connects students to place, and builds reciprocal relationships among students, staff, community and the land and water we live and learn in.

Empowering: Each canoe journey is an active, outdoor, healthy challenge for students that develops personal awareness and perseverance.

Experiential: By engaging students in practical hands-on knowledge and skills, such as traveling to a destination by canoe, we provide authentic learning opportunities that develop an understanding of real life problem solving skills.

Outdoor: Extending our world of learning beyond the walls of our school allows for learning to include a diversity of experiences that engages a broad spectrum of skills, knowledge and strengths. Using the local environment to initiate inquiry in any subject expands our learning space.

Belonging: This whole school program brings our diverse populations of students together in a collaborative way that allows for the development of friendships amongst students and connections with staff.

Place: Our school sits on the shores of Portage Inlet and the Gorge, waterways used by people for thousands of years. Paddling past landmarks and sharing stories allows for a deeper learning that involves experience and emotional connection.

Reciprocity: Being in the canoes on the water and exploring on land is an opportunity to restore connections to place and foster a sense of belonging and identity with where we live that encourages a reciprocal relationship. 

Shoreline Big Canoe Program has 4 canoes, one 36’ Coast Salish Style Canoe and three 25’ voyageur style canoes, as well as access to Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club’s Dragon Boat. The program takes the each class paddling two – six times a year. We paddle in the Gorge Waterway and Portage Inlet. Every year all the grade 8’s go on a canoeing and camping journey to “Saysutshun”, Newcastle Island. There is a paddle club that has gone to places such as Sidney Spit and worked with Parks Canada to remove invasive plants from the area.