Mission Statement

We believe that through clear, consistent and high expectations, Shoreline staff and students form an inclusive, respectful and connected community of learners achieving their personal and academic potential.

By connecting youth to the environment and local culture, we are building an understanding that all citizens are interconnected socially, ecologically and morally.  In addition to excellence in academics, we provide youth the opportunity to critically engage with real world problems as well as historical issues.  Through this direct physical experience with the environment, we are creating tolerance, encouraging respect for nature and culture, and modeling the power of collaborative effort.

Our Goals:

  1. Promote cultural and ecological awareness through stewardship
  2. Through direct physical experience, caring for other living things and working with the greater community, students will develop an understanding of sustainability
  3. To engage students on a deep and authentic level in their learning to create a sense of place in the world
  4. To combine core skills and key concepts with innovative, hands-on curriculum with an environmental focus