School Safety Plan


Fire, earthquake and lockdown drills take place regularly at Shoreline. In the event of an emergency, we want students and staff members to be prepared.


 When the fire bell rings, students and staff members will vacate the school quickly and quietly. Evacuation routes, which are posted in every room, direct individuals to use the nearest exit and to assemble on the back field away from the building. Students are to move with their teacher and stay with their teacher in the designated marshaling area. Re-entry to the school will occur after an ‘all clear’ is given by the Principal or Vice-Principal. If the fire alarm rings at a time other than when classes are in session, students are to leave via the nearest exit, move away from the school quickly and assemble on the back field in their advisory formations. Adults will be in the marshaling area to assist.


 At the first indication of an earthquake, staff members will give the instruction to take cover. Staff and students will duck under desks or tables in a crouched position facing away from windows. Once the shaking has stopped, a staff member will direct students to evacuate the building through the nearest exit. Students will gather on the field in the designated marshaling area to await further instructions. No one is to leave the school site without the permission of the Principal or Vice-Principal. An earthquake kiosk is on site and would be accessed by the View Royal Fire Department and Shoreline staff.


 In the event of a lockdown, students and staff hear the Principal or Vice-Principal’s voice over the P.A. system stating: “Attention. This is a lockdown. This is a lockdown.” Staff and students are to immediately lock doors and windows, pull down blinds, assemble in rooms under the designated lockdown signs and to remain silent. Bells and fire alarms are to be ignored. Students in hallways and bathrooms are to enter the nearest room available.

Students and staff members are to stay in rooms until directed by Police to exit rooms.


In the event that students cannot be released from the school site, our alternative student pick-up location site is______________________________________

Please wait for information from the school district before coming to the school to pick up your child. Information can be found at:, CFAX, 107.3, 100.3

***Student’s will only be released to the parent/guardians or individual(s) listed as an emergency designate. Please ensure the school has updated information for your child.